Tips for Summer

We are in the heat of the summer!  Which means for Central Illinois, heat, humidity, and bugs!!  I was raised in Illinois so I can attest that weather here is ridiculous. Sometimes its so hot and dry it takes a pickaxe to plant a shrub.  Other summers I can remember nothing but rain and humidity.

If you’re from here this comes as no surprise with the weather we have.  I have some great tips for the homeowners in Central Illinois.  They are easy to do and it can help your home and landscaping cope with these hot days of summer.

First is your landscaping and yard.  No matter what always water in the evenings or the mornings for plants, not during the middle of the day because it can boil your plants.  Also when watering be sure to water the soil of the plant versus the shower setting on your hose.  IF watering newly established plants water them daily for at least three weeks if planted in summer and then taper off to a few times a week.  Trees are difficult and please wait to plant them in spring or fall, however if you have just had landscaping installed, then follow the water instructions for the specified tree.  Every good landscaping company will provide you with watering instructions.  When mowing be sure to mow it at 3 1″2 inches high and this will keep turf at a healthy height and looks appealing as well.  Watch out for grubs too around late summer too, you prevent them with fertilizer applied in beginning of July.  Weeds are commonplace in summer and will take over beds, yards, and planters.  The best thing to do is spot spray your yard with a pre-made lawn care chemical to kills weeds in yards (not round-up).

Second is keep your energy bill down.  Most people aren’t home during the day and have programmable thermostats.  Adjust the settings to have the air kick on periodically throughout the day so it is not running constantly but keeping home comfortable for when you get home.  Also don’t just turn it off during the day otherwise it will be running non-top when you get home from work.  Keep the shades drawn to keep house cooler as well.  Pre-programming the thermostat and keeping the house dark helps keeps home cooler and will save you money.

Lastly is air quality.  We have a tendency to just keep the air conditioner on all summer and forget to open the windows.  Being in Central Illinois we have weeks sometimes where it is cool at night.  This is a great time to air out the house and let a fresh breeze come through.  Air quality can get poor in homes if you keep it closed up and if you don’t get your homes air ducts cleaned.  The air can become stale and can cause people to get sick sometimes.  Opening all the windows and doors sometimes is just what the doctor ordered.

Enjoy the summer and don’t forget to fire up those BBQS


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