Making your home fun for your children!

In honor of the Harry Potter book that launched this past weekend, I thought a post on having fun with your home was a good idea.  When designing a home, don’t forget to think about your children.  Open your minds and remember what is what like to be a kid!  Frozen (yeah sorry I have two girls) , Star Wars, Superman, and Harry Potter.

frozen room

All of these ideas can be a big surprise for a kid when you build your home or in a weekend. They are affordable and easy to do with Todays prints and paints.  Most of the time you can go to pinterest for a how to guide or Houzz for any idea.


Sometimes though they can be pretty elaborate and you might need to hire some professionals to do the work. Since it is custom  it can sometimes be pricey.  Although do your research and keep searching for a design that works within your budget.   Any kids design will surprise your children!

superman room

So just remember what their faces will look like after you reveal it to them after a weekend away or when you walk into your new home.  Enjoy the decorating with the family and may the force be with you!



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