Making the wow a standard in homes!

Lately my Dad and I have been talking about how homes have changed in the last fifteen years.  He says my generation, 80’s babies, has to be “wowed”  into a home.  A “WOW” factor comes into play versus his generation “The baby boomers” wanted to roll their sleeves and put in sweat equity.

unique kitchen

In home building we have transitioned to granite is a must have in a home and hardwood needs to be everywhere.  Also there are no more dining rooms, but flex rooms since the kitchen is the area for entertaining now.  Who sits at a dining table anymore?  Also please no more linoleum, its just as nice to put down  a good tile.  As far as the basement goes, finish the basement and add all the extras.


Sometimes that’s not enough for todays homebuyer, they have to have that little something.  When you walk in and see the fantastic lighting or reclaimed beam ceilings or maybe that accent wall.  It has to have that “WOW” factor.  Well we are starting to add those wow factors to homes and we look to add to each of our homes.

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