Inspiration to build your new home

Inspirations can come from anywhere when you are building your new home.  Be creative and don’t hold back with ideas. Let us help that is what we are here for.  Here is a brief description of the timeline for building a home.

A lot of customers want to know how the process of selecting their homes features work.  We hear questions such as: When I do pick the siding? How do I choose the lights? When do we pick flooring? How much money do I get to spend on picking items for my homes?.  These are all good questions and we go over them in our design process.

After we have signed a contract to build a home with you, we will go over allotments and timeframes for picking interior/exterior features.    It seems overwhelming at times with all the selections that you have to do for your home, but don’t worry the process is fairly simple.

We will give you a timeline for when all interior and exterior features have to be selected and ordered by.  We will schedule you a time to sit down with our vendors to discuss options for each home feature.  For instance we want to have the siding ordered by the time the foundation is poured.  We would schedule a sit down with our siding vendor to go over selecting the items and then we would order them.

We schedule all the sit downs with our vendors so its easy for you and we worry about the ordering. We will let you know how much time you have to make a decision on each choice for your home, so we are not delaying the construction.

We also understand if you have a choice in mind for your features and want to use your own vendor rather than one of ours.  We do this frequently. Our designer will reach out to your chosen vendor and Legacy Homes will discuss cost and ordering timeframe.

Also people ask about add-ons to the home and what if we go over our allotment of money for features.  If this happens we will reach out and discuss the contract and make sure the construction loan can be adjusted.  It typically depends on what your loan is approved for and if you have money available to go over allotments for features, because it will typically change the contract price for the home.

All in all the process of picking features for your Legacy Home is simple.  A tip for the homeowner is more of an idea you have for you dream home the easier it is for us.  Also making a decision in a timely manner is crucial otherwise your home will be delayed.

We look forward to working with you on your design.



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