Back to School!

This time of year can be a celebration for parents and dreaded by all children.  Yes that’s right, school is back!  For most parents with young children it means no more summer camp or summer sports/activities that keep you running around all summer long.  Finally you can sit back and relax while your kids are at school and you can have some sort of reprieve.

As a parent with small children, the above paragraph rings true for me.  I have discovered though when they go back to school their are certain things that you should know.  Why is a builder posting about back to school and school information tips?  Well each subdivision you live in or area you live in is different.  When building a home or moving into a home, this will be very important to you and your family.

Questions to ask yourself about the area you live in or moving too:

  • What school district do I live in?
  • What part of my taxes are being used to help fund the school district?
  • How does my community feel about the school district?
  • Is my child’s school safe?
  • What kind of transportation does my community have available for the schools?
  • Where are the bus stops?
  • What is the age of the school and teacher to student ratio?
  • Are private schools available?

These are all great questions to ask your builder and agent.  Please feel free to reach out to us and we will point you in the right direction.


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