A Custom built home at an affordable price

A lot of money can go into a home design!  If you want to build a custom home, it can be very expensive and time consuming.  What people forget to realize is that Brady Homes has used many designs for houses over the years.  We can still achieve a custom home design at a affordable price.

The process is quite simple and fairly easy.  Ask yourself this question, How much do I want to spend on a custom home? If you are already thinking of ways to save money when you are thinking about the answer to the above question, chances are building a custom home will be stressful for you.

Another question to ask is how can I save money when building a custom home?  That question is the right question, building a custom home can be stress-free and affordable if you are willing to sacrifice a few things.  Well the process is easy and what we do is we incorporate an old design that we have that will fit your needs and we can adjust the dimensions and characterstics of the home.  We can also show you how the home will look using a 3d rendering of the home after we make changes to it.

custom 3d rendering

Don’t worry about your home looking cookie cutter or another home in the neighborhood.  We can switch all sorts of things from the bottom up and also can tweak layouts of the home to achieve that custom design you want.  This helps save time and money from the blueprint aspect of home design.

Switching exterior colors and materials can completely change the look of the home in the neighborhood and will look fantastic.  Call us today or email us about your inquiry in saving with a custom built Brady Home


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